Mizuna Rei (May 20- 1987), born in Tokyo, Japan, is now an AV actress, known as “Dark Guo Caijie”.

Mizuna Rei is a newcomer launched by ALICE JAPAN in 2008 following Nozia Aino and Nanami Nana.

Pornstar trivia: Japan's most popular pornstar in 2017 みづなれい, Mizuna-rei
Pornstar trivia: Japan’s most popular pornstar in 2017 みづなれい, Mizuna-rei

Advantages: Big eyes, cute and childish face, typical beautiful girl. And she will put on glasses to play the female teacher’s performance in December. It seems that Alice Japan should have a lot of ideas about this actress.

Disadvantages: Only 153cm, petite, the chest of the C cup is a little small, the skin is not white enough, and the teeth are not neat

Name: みづなれい, Mizuna-rei
Nationality: Japan
Nationality: Yamato
Blood type: AB type
Height: 153cm
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Date of Birth: May 20, 1987
Occupation: Actor
Brokerage company: ALICE JAPAN
Masterpiece: “Sword Art Online”
Measurements: 82 (C cup 65) 57 86
Fun: reading

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