Kitano Nozomi (北野のぞみ), born in Hokkaido on April 4, 1993, is a Japanese actress and AV actress.

Pornstar trivia: Japan's most popular pornstar Kitano no ぞみ in 2017
Pornstar trivia: Japan’s most popular pornstar Kitano no ぞみ in 2017

Kitanowang, measurements: B87 59 91, height 155cm, E cup, debuted at the mosquito incense club at the end of 2014, Prestige called her a “black-haired kingly beautiful girl”, Kitanowang’s face is speechless, and her body is convex The hotness of the back, like the predecessors such as Erika Momotani, stands out in the personal photography of Mosquito Incense Incense Company. Kitanowang has a well-proportioned figure, soft and real breasts, and a delicate face. It can be said to be a standard beautiful girl’s appearance. The young girls with one-off experience and little experience have been developed by the actor with rich methods to show the most charming. The most rare thing is that Kitanowang’s expressions at various moments such as moaning and climax are also so shy and shy. It makes people want to stop.

Name: Kitano ぞみ
Nationality: Japan
Date of Birth: April 4, 1993
Occupation: actor, AV actress
Place of birth: Hokkaido
Gender: Female
Blood type: type A
Fun: Film Appreciation
Measurements: 87/59/91 cm
Height: 155 cm
Star Constellation: Aries
Debut time: December 2014
Firm Affiliation: ARM Promo ション

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