Hatano Yui, measurements: 88 59 85. In 2008, Hatano Yui started acting in AV and joined HMP in November. He became an amateur of HMP. He was soon hidden by HMP and later released two films in BeFree. , And then transferred to ATTACKER company, and then signed a contract with SKY HIGH company. In 2012, Hatano Yui attended the opening of the 9th Shanghai International Adult Fair and the 2nd Taiwan Adult Fair. In September 2013, Hatano Yui took her photo album “Angel Hatano Yui: Sheng Ai Photo” to Taiwan, China for promotion; in October, she appeared in “Sou Shen Ji”; in November, she starred in ” “Dao Si Men 2” was broadcast; in 2014, she won the “Best AV Actress of the Year” award.

Pornstar trivia: Japan's most popular pornstar はたのゆい
Pornstar trivia: Japan’s most popular pornstar はたのゆい

Name: Yui Hatano
Other name: はたの ゆい
Nationality: Japan
Nationality: Yamato
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Date of Birth: May 24, 1988
Star Constellation: Gemini
Blood type: Type A
Height: 163 cm
Occupation: actor, AV actress
Brokerage company: SKY HIGH
Main Achievement: The Best AV Actress in 2014″ Award
Gender: Female

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