There is such a person in the history of the world drug lord. He is known as the most powerful drug lord in history. There is no one. His name is not even comparable to that of the Golden Triangle Shakun. He is Pablo Ai. Skoval. He was killed by the US government in 1993. His life is very legendary. He was once the prototype in the American classic American drama “Drug Lord”. Let’s take a look at his personal experience together.

Escobar was born in a farmer’s family in Colombia in 49 years. He smuggled cocaine from Colombia to the United States when he was a teenager. He started his drug trafficking road and founded the Medellin Group, the world’s largest drug trafficking group at the time. , And accumulated amazing wealth. He was once selected as the 7th among the world’s top ten richest people by Forbes Global Rich List. His worth is as high as 18 billion pounds (more than 100 billion yuan converted into RMB), and his wealth is also a crime for him. The road is more arrogant and supportive.

Drug trivia: The first person in the history of drug trafficking in the world, Escobar (Kunsha in the Golden Triangle cannot be compared with him)
Drug trivia: The first person in the history of drug trafficking in the world, Escobar (Kunsha in the Golden Triangle cannot be compared with him)

With amazing wealth, he organized a private army of more than 40,000 people. Its weapons are also very advanced. His vehicles are all fighter jets. There are several Apache helicopters. It shows that his strength is strong and he once arrogantly challenged the United States. The government I have no responsibility for the 25 million drug addicts in the United States. This is also the weapon used by the Colombian people to fight back against U.S. imperialism. This shows its arrogant attitude. The U.S. government does not know how much it has scrapped in order to destroy this super drug cartel. Kung Fu.

In 1976, in Medellin, Colombia, the local police arrested several of Escobar’s men, but he strongly demanded that the local court release the people, but was refused, so he used his method to tell the locals The government, my people were not able to move casually. As a result, two arresters were assassinated, the president of the local court was killed, and everyone involved in the case was threatened by him. As a result, the case was finally shelved. He was also released, which also shows his strength.

According to relevant information, Escobar smuggles up to 80 tons of drugs from Colombia to the United States every month. The entire drug market in the United States is monopolized by him. Drugs are transported by planes and submarines. This shows how much the US government is. He hated him and wanted to get rid of this big cancer with the Colombian government. So in 1984, the Colombian government dispatched 5,000 troops and several fighter jets and helicopter gunships launched a crazy bombing of the Medellin Group’s nest. But in the end he escaped. Although 150 drug dealers were killed and dozens of tons of heroin were seized this time, he still failed to get rid of him.

In the same year, Escobar launched a frenzied revenge against the Colombian government. He rushed into the building of the local Ministry of Justice, kidnapped its senior officials, and killed 34 policemen. After 11 judges, he left, his business still failed. Under control, more drugs were shipped to the United States. However, his behavior once again angered the determination of the local government and the U.S. government to destroy them, and also accelerated the demise of the Medellin Group. There is still a big gap between.

In 1989, five years after the first encirclement and suppression, the US and Colombian governments once again launched a second attack on the Medellin Group. This time it sent more elite troops, including 200 US special forces. , And 50 fighters, but once again he escaped after receiving wind and continued to confront the government forces. From 1989 to 11 years, there were more than 300 terrorist activities planned by him, killing hundreds of local officials, and all those who were officials at the time resigned, and the government was helpless.

In 1991, Escobar promised the local government to stop a series of terrorist activities and surrender. But the premise is to ensure the personal and property safety of all of them, and establish a separate prison for him and the criminals organized by him to live in. The Colombian government also agreed, but Escobar in the prison failed. He kept himself safe, still commanding criminal actions remotely, and successfully escaped from prison in 1992.

After breaking out of prison, the US and Colombian governments again launched a search operation against them. An astonishing battle broke out again between the two sides. It was not until 1993 that they were killed in a frontal conflict between the two sides, and a generation of heroes was also caused by this. The curtain ended, from this we can see how powerful it is actually. I think there should be no drug lord that can rival him now.

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