There are many amazing things in this world. What we are going to talk about today is a Thai woman with megaarm disease. She has the largest and thickest arms and palms in the world, and her arm circumference is even greater. Someone’s waist is so thick, it is simply shocking, so we have to sigh the wonders of the world, but we are also sad for her, because this disease is basically unsolvable, unless it expires.

Arm trivia: The largest and thickest hand in the world, a Thai woman who suffers from megaarm has an arm thicker than her waist
Arm trivia: The largest and thickest hand in the world, a Thai woman who suffers from megaarm has an arm thicker than her waist

Did you see the picture above? The person in the picture is a 59-year-old woman from Thailand. This arm is thick and I really don’t want to talk. It is thicker than a person’s waist. This is precisely because she has a rare type of megaarm. , I think if you apply for the Guinness World Records, the title of the world’s largest hand and the world’s thickest arm is definitely her.

Since she was a child, her arms have been found to be different from ordinary people. They are much thicker than their peers. They are often scorned and rejected. No children are willing to play more with her. So she didn’t go to school very early and gave her a giant arm. I have brought great pain and trouble, and I have sought medical treatment everywhere. Every time the fat in my arm is removed through surgery, it will relieve a little, but it will not take long to grow up again. If the doctor thinks that he wants a radical cure I can only choose amputation.

But she is also unwilling. Now she runs her own roasted seeds and nuts shop while taking care of her parents. Because her arms are too thick and too big, she has to make her own clothes. It is also very difficult to raise her arms, and her arms are too heavy. Brought her a lot of troubles.

The accumulation of fat in the arm has also caused the weight of the arm to continue to increase. Since the Guinness record was set, her giant arm disease has also attracted the attention of the world. Many doctors have provided treatments for a period of time, but there has been no treatment yet. Success can only reduce the pain in a short time through liposuction, but it will return to the original state after a long time!

Now she still has not given up looking for a cure, and her mentality is very optimistic, hoping that she can live a happy life like a normal person, and she has not married a child, and there is no way to suffer from this strange disease. Oh, such a record is not necessary.

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