Marvin Glass created three main products: Mouse Trap, a toy where convoluted contraptions ensnare unwilling participants, Operation, a game focused on human anatomy, and Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, a toy built around confrontation. One could say a lot about Glass, but they cannot deny the man put his life into his work.

Character trivia: Marvin Glass, the creator of good health
Character trivia: Marvin Glass, the creator of good health

Obsessive over his board game empire, Glass decked his house with the latest tools in home security. Windows were bolted and triple locked. Cameras recorded anyone who approached his home on close circuit television. Armed guards were stationed around the clock. Paranoia turned him into a reclusive shut-in.

The delusion did not impede his social life. Modeled after friend Hugh Hefner’s notorious Playboy Mansion, his manor constantly hosted orgies. Not all of the encounters were consensual. Glass had a pattern of “manipulative and predatory” behavior. He often cajoled woman to have sex with him by claiming it was the only way to prevent him from committing suicide. It probably did, temporarily, help relieve his depression. Glass brought joy to millions. To many, including himself, he did not.

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