The judge warned him to not be a “blockhead.” Peter Robbins appreciated the nod to his earlier fame. He did not heed the advice. In the 1960’s, Robbins voiced the iconic Charlie Brown in the “Peanuts’” most celebrated productions. He played the titular role in holiday staples, A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. When puberty hit, the acting roles vanished. He had little options left.

In 2013, Robbins’ girlfriend, Shawna Kern, dumped him. He felt betrayed after just paying for her to get breast implant surgery. In a fury, he abused both her and their dog, a move Snoopy would surely condemn. She fled for her safety.

Character trivia: Peter Robbins, the creator of good health
Character trivia: Peter Robbins, the creator of good health

Banned from contacting Kern, Robbins started stalking her. Kern’s phone rang for hours with Robbins threats on the other line. He grew obsessed with Lori Saltz, the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure that Robbins saw as the reason behind the breakup. When the police investigated the couple for domestic abuse, Robbins hired a hitman to try to murder the local sheriff. He was sentenced to one year in jail before the plan was acted upon. By 2015, he was back in courtroom for violating his probation. Due to increasing signs of bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital instead. His luck with animated footballs was the first indication that he could never learn from his mistakes.

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