There are too many Chinese beauties. What kind of beauties are there. If you ask you who is the number one beauty in China? There is definitely no standard answer, but the Japanese media recently gave them what they think is the number one beauty in China, and she is also a rare beauty in 4000 years. That is Ju Jingyi of the SNH48 group. Does every Chinese think about it? Marry her!

Recently, Japanese netizens selected China’s No. 1 beauty, and it is not an ordinary beauty. It is the most beautiful beauty in China in 4000 years. Japanese media reported on this beauty as “China’s No. 1 Beauty in 4000”, which was triggered on the Internet. Hot discussion, some netizens said that there is suspicion of hype, and this little girl named Ju Jingjie. However, although she is not a beauty who met once in 4000 years, Ju Jingqi herself is indeed beautiful, and men understand it.

Beauty trivia: Who is the top beauty in China selected by the Japanese?
Beauty trivia: Who is the top beauty in China selected by the Japanese?

Ju Jingyi was born in Sichuan on June 18, 1994. She is 159 in height and used to be named Ju Jingyi. Currently a member of SNH48, Ju Jingyi ranked fourth in the “SNH48 “One Mind Forward” First General Election”.

With the title of “The Birth of China’s First Beauty in 4000”, this media spoke highly of Ju Jingyi of the Chinese beautiful girl group SNH48, aroused the attention and frantic reprinting of local Japanese portals, and became the number one popular search on multiple portals. character. It is reported that Ju Jingyi is a second-term SNH48 student, currently a member of the N team, ranked fourth in the first general election of SNH48.

Recently, the Japanese media selected China’s No. 1 beauty, but unexpectedly, it was not Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi and other international fans who won the championship, but Ju Jingyi, a member of the new generation of Chinese girl idol group SNH48. Therefore, Ju Jingyi became the number one person in search of some portals in Japan for a week.

The selection of Japanese media was also recognized by Japanese netizens. “Ju Jingyi is more beautiful than Nogizaka 46, the chief beauty of the Japanese idol group Yu Yan Tuan, Shiraishi Mai.” There are also Japanese netizens who said, “You can definitely surpass the development in Japan. Amuro Namie and Ayumi Hamasaki.” More Japanese netizens summarized the signs of new culture in China, Japan, and South Korea. “At present, the aesthetics of the mainstream people in China, Japan and South Korea have tended to be young, energetic and energetic. Chinese Ju Jing Yi’s win on the list indicates that the three countries, which represent the center of Asian culture, have entered the era of small fresh meat.”

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