“Forbes” officially announced the 35th Global Billionaires List. 2,755 billionaires made the list, including 493 newcomers. The total wealth of 2,755 billionaires reached approximately US$13.1 trillion, an increase of US$8 trillion year-on-year.

Kerry A. Dolan, head of the “Forbes” rich list team, said: “This is a record-breaking year. Both the number of newcomers on the global list and the total number of billionaires hit a record high. In addition, 2021 witnessed the first time for global billionaires. The total wealth exceeded the 10 trillion U.S. dollar mark. The speed of wealth creation is shocking.”

“Forbes” 2021 Global Billionaires List

In a review article entitled “The Speed ​​of Wealth Operation,” Randall Lane, Chief Content Officer of Forbes, wrote: “The general trend behind the increase in wealth provides a road map for everyone to become rich. We just need to be courageous to use it. It’s like using things saved from an epidemic that hasn’t happened in a century.

Regal trivia: Who is the richest person in 2021?
Regal trivia: Who is the richest person in 2021?

Lane also wrote that although we see the turmoil around us, people are not afraid of difficulties and overcome challenges. For example, Taylor Perry builds his own studio in Atlanta. Or Ugur Sahin, a German-Turkish descent. His company BioNTech broke the research and development process that took several years and developed a new coronavirus vaccine in just a few months. These vivid figures represent the surging economic vitality.

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