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Churchill's dentures save the world?

During the most difficult period of World War II, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, with his eloquent and generous speech, inspired the morale of the majority of the military and civilians.

Churchill's dentures save the world?-3trivia
Churchill's dentures save the world?

Little known is that in the youth, Churchill, when he was in his 20s, lost his front teeth and talked about the wind. He blushes at the opening. Later, he found the famous British dentist Wilfried Feich, and made a good denture for his tailoring. After several tempering, Churchill finally developed a powerful speech style and became a hero in people's minds.

This anecdote was first revealed in several thank-you letters written to Dr. Fish by Churchill before he left the prime minister. Some people exclaimed that a pair of dentures saved the world!


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