It shouldn’t be surprising that a lot of celebrities don’t actually use the products they endorse. Still, not using them is one thing. Trying to promote them while accidentally supporting their main rival is another.

In 2012, Microsoft brought out the Surface tablet, which was positioned as a direct competitor to the Apple iPad. They spent a fortune on marketing, which included endorsements from several high-profile celebrities. Chief among them was Oprah. It made sense. She had legions of dedicated fans and a long track record of large sales increases for the products she plugged.

Oprah Promotes Surface Using iPad
Oprah Promotes Surface Using iPad

Oprah sent out one tweet showing her love for the Microsoft Surface, which was seen by her millions of followers. She named it one of her “Favorite Things” and claimed to have bought a dozen for Christmas. There was nothing wrong with the tweet itself. However, people couldn’t help but notice that the Surface-endorsing message was sent from an iPad.[

Whoever wrote the tweet failed to realize that, by default, Twitter showed where messages were sent from on mobile. While many lampooned Oprah’s marketing gaffe, longtime fans should not have been surprised. She had no qualms about naming the iPad the best invention of the century two years earlier.

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