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President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?

Warren Harding, who served as president of the United States from 1921 to 1923, had a bad name on the back of the "worst" president. But he personally proved that a man - if not a good president, may not be a good lover. In particular, his personal love letter, whether it is lingering, affectionate, or hot, sexy, sultry, what style, he can come.

President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?-3trivia
President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?

    In the 1000-page love letter of 10 years, "crazy, gentle, loyal, enthusiastic, eager, fanatic, jealous, hungry…"

    Harding Love Letter: Love "Beyond Life"

President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?-3trivia
President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?

    According to the New York Post reported on July 23, the Library of Congress announced that the library had written the 29th President of the United States, Warren Harding, to the lover on July 29, because the legally prescribed 50-year confidentiality period had passed. Kelly Fulton Phillips's 1000-page love letter was uploaded to the Internet.

    The affair of Harding and Phillips began in 1905, when Harding, the deputy governor of Ohio, met Philippe, the neighbor of the married woman. It happened that the marriage of both of them was very boring, so the next thing happened naturally.

    These sentiments were written between 1910 and 1920, and Harding's enthusiasm and literary talents were unobstructed. Let's try a few paragraphs:

    On Christmas Eve in 1910, Harding wrote: "Dear, no language can fully express my love for you… crazy, gentle, loyal, passionate, eager, fanatic, jealous and hungry… it is like a fire It burns like it… It is on the torment of pain, and it is burned by the wonderful bliss - this bliss, only you can give."

    On January 2, 1913, Harding wrote: "My Kelly, I love you so much, I don't know how much you realize - how loyal, how happy, how pious, how long, how wholehearted and passionate. ""

President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?-3trivia
President Trivia:Who is the American president who wrote very well?

    According to the US "Huffington Post" reported on July 7, as early as 2009, writer James Robbenalt had contacted a copy of these love letters, and published "Hading love history: love during World War I A book with conspiracy. Robbennert said: "There is a strong sexual desire between Harding and Phillips. Many letters are obviously sexual fantasy."

    For example, Harding sometimes writes letters using code for confidentiality. He called his genitals "Jerry." On August 20, 1918, he wrote to Phillips: "I hope to take you to Jerry, the wonderful place, that is a heavenly place."

    However, their relationship is not just about sex. In November 1913, he described his love for Phillips "beyond life." "It is powerful, glorious, sacred, full of the blessings and brilliance of dreams." He praised Phillips for his "unparalleled embrace" and added: "Hold you, hold you, and immerse you in happiness," The love that is being met and already satisfied will be the victory of life and love."

    Although Harding had asked Phillips to burn these love letters, the latter remained and locked in the closet until after her death in 1960, the letters were discovered by lawyers and donated by her nephew to Congress in 1972. library.

    Marriage frustration, extramarital smug

    Harding was born in an ordinary life, his father was a farmer and his mother was a midwife. Harding’s only capital is that he looks and looks good and knows how to use his strengths. In 1890, at the age of 25, he resolutely married a woman who was 5 years old and who had no intersection with the beautiful and fluttering, Florence Clinde Wolff.

    The biggest advantage of this girl is that she has money at home. Since then, Harding has used marriage as a springboard, and gradually entered the upper class with his own eloquence. In 1914, he became a federal senator. In 1916, he was elected as the chairman of the Republican National Congress. In 1920, he became the president of the United States. It was the peak of his life. Unfortunately, in 1923, he died in his term of office.

    Wife is not beautiful, and fierce, let Harding find a lover into a habit. His relationship with his first lover, Phillips, lasted for 15 years, but because Phillips had committed a lover's taboo - he wanted to get married, forcing him to tears and tears.

    Harding’s second lover is the young and beautiful blonde South Britton. The two were very passionate and had a relationship in the office of the Senate Harding, the White House’s presidential office.

    It is said that all of the love affairs of Harding’s wife, Florence, knew that there was even speculation that Harding was actually poisoned by his wife.

    A man who can't write a love letter can't be a president?

    The American Library of Congress historian Gerard Gawalt has selected 184 letters from 23 US presidents and compiled a "Dear President: Letter between the President and his wife." Since then, people have realized that men who can't write love letters can't seem to be presidents.

    The 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, was very pure. He said to Alice Lee: "I admire you so much that I feel embarrassed to touch you."

    The 40th president, Reagan, was straightforward. He wrote to his wife Nancy: "I must touch you, or I will explode."

    When the 41st President George W. Bush wrote to his wife Barbara, he called himself "baby cookies."

    The 34th President Truman is very long-lasting, and his letter to his wife, Beth, has more than 1,300. In a letter from 1933, he said: "I am 49 years old tomorrow… I have never lost my memory in the past… I am up and down in politics, but I am never discouraged. I believe my lover is mine. Dreaming lover, my daughter is the embodiment of her mother…"

    In 2012, in honor of Nixon’s 100th birthday, the Nixon Library exhibited six love letters he wrote for Patricia, who later became the first lady. The letter reads: "Every day, every night, I want to see you, I want to be with you." On June 3, 1944, Patricia asked Nixon in the letter: "When I am no longer, Do you still love me?” In 1994, a year after Patricia’s death, Nixon went with it and answered the question with his life.


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