According to relevant information, the inventor of homework was invented by an Italian teacher in 1905. His name was Robert Navellis, and the invention also succeeded in causing “hate” to students around the world. Good rest time is delayed by the endless homework. The students hate him for wanting him to “die” and even “dig his grave.”

Student Trivia:Who invented homework?
Student Trivia:Who invented homework?

It is said that Robert Navilis was also trying to punish his students at that time, so he assigned a lot of homework as a means of punishing students. What he did not expect was that he became the first student after his death. enemy

In fact, Robert Navellis is sick and dead. It is not the exhausted, thundering death that you said. Xiaobian knows that you are suffering, but doing homework is also to consolidate your learning knowledge so that you can remember it more. So in the eyes of parents, this invention is still great.

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