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Regal Trivia:Weird invisible rich Theo And Karl Albrecht

Theodor Paul Albrecht (also known as Theo Albrecht, March 28, 1922 - July 24, 2010) was born in Essen, a German entrepreneur.

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Regal Trivia:Weird invisible rich Theo And Karl Albrecht

Theo Albrecht, along with his brother Karl Albrecht, created the German supermarket chain, the Austrian supermarket. He loves to play golf and likes to collect typewriters.

He and his family ranked 61st in the Forbes 2019 Global Billionaires list with assets of $17.4 billion. In 1961, their brothers split ownership, and his brother Carl opened a store in southern Germany and acquired brand ownership of Aldi in the UK, Australia and the United States.

Theo Albrecht founded his grocery empire, Aldi, with his brother Karl after World War II. They began by running their mother’s grocery shop, which they expanded into a business that made them both multibillionaires.

Theo was kidnapped in 1971. He was freed by his captors after paying a ransomof seven million German marks, 17 days after he had been abducted. He might have been released sooner, but it seems he haggled over the amount and later tried to claim the ransom money as a business expense on his tax return.

After the kidnapping, both brothers kept a very low profile. They were rarely photographed, and they did not give interviews. They traveled separately in cars that never took the same route twice.[The two brothers spent at least some of their time on a remote island in the North Sea, where they played golf, grew orchids, and collected typewriters. Both men died in Essen, Germany, Theo in 2010 and Karl in 2014.


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