“he shen” is the richest man in the world in the 18th century. He has more money in the end. It is said that all the foreign war reparations and the power of one person in the late Qing Dynasty will be enough to pay off. If you think that the money of “he shen” is all spoiled by Qianlong’s favor, then you are too naive. “he shen” has four financial management skills,
First, good at grasping the wind, the coal industry was not valued at the time, “he shen” and the foreign ambassadors in the exchange realized that the coal industry is the next vent, so the risk of spending huge sums of money to open a coal mine to make a profit;

Corrupt official Trivia:How does the corrupt official "He shen" accumulate wealth?
Corrupt official Trivia:How does the corrupt official “He shen” accumulate wealth?

Second, the pursuit of liquidity, “he shen” even accepting bribes as long as cash, only liquid cash can capture investment opportunities at any time;

Third, only buy assets do not buy liabilities, assets that can make money are real assets, “he shen” has 1001 houses for rent collection, received soft legs;

Fourth, diversified investment, although “he shen” likes real estate, but also invests in ticket numbers, pharmacies, and darts, etc., which are higher than rents, and at the same time reduce the investment risk of real estate.

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