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Celebrity trivia:"sleezy" of Picasso

Picasso is one of the few artists who have gained fame and fortune in the world. In fact, Picasso was not as well known as other talented artists. He was poor and stumped. When he had only 15 yuan in his pocket, he used it. A routine, fame.

He hired a "water army" speculation for 15 yuan. He hired people to go to the major galleries to ask "There are Picasso paintings." When all the gallery owners were looking for this Picasso, Picasso appeared with all his paintings, no. As expected, these paintings were robbed.

Celebrity trivia:
Celebrity trivia:"sleezy" of Picasso

After the fame, Picasso continued to play tricks. All the places where he needed to spend money were paid by check. The merchants received the checks signed by him and did not go to the bank to exchange them, but collected them.

In this way, he almost does not have to spend money to eat, drink and play.


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