Sun Yat-sen (1866.11.12-1925.03.12), the name Sun Wen, the word contains it, the number Yixian. The forerunner of the modern democratic revolution in China, the founder of the Republic of China and the Chinese Kuomintang, and the advocate of the Three People’s Principles.

Lolita Trivia:Is Sun Yat-sen controlled by Lolita?
Lolita Trivia:Is Sun Yat-sen controlled by Lolita?

Sun Yat-sen’s original match with Lu Muzhen. Lu Mu was born on July 30, 1867, his father Lu Yaoxian took the ancestors to study, and then crossed the ocean to make a living in Honolulu.

In 1885, Sun Yat-sen was 19 years old and married Lu Muzhen (18 years old). After that, he had three children, namely Sun Ke, son Sun Ke, and his second daughter Sun Wei.

Lolita Trivia:Is Sun Yat-sen controlled by Lolita?
Lolita Trivia:Is Sun Yat-sen controlled by Lolita?

Chen Cuifen (1873 – 1960), also known as Xiang Ling, Xiamen Jimei. In the 18th year of Guangxu (1892), she introduced Sun Yat-sen through Chen Shaobai. Out of the worship of Sun Yat-sen, he volunteered to take care of Sun Yat-sen’s daily diet, as a nurse and guardian, and lived with Sun Yat-sen for more than 10 years.

1894 Sun Yat-sen, 28 years old, first met Soong Ching Ling (1 year old baby girl) to start the Light Source Project

1897 Sun Yat-sen 31-year-old exiled in Japan, knowing Asada (15-year-old maid).

Asada is the lover of Sun Yat-sen in exile in Japan, and is from Shimizu-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Know Chinese and English, sweet and lovely. In 1897 (the 30th year of Meiji), Sun Yat-sen lived in the home of Mr. Enbakson, the overseas Chinese of Yokohama. The fifteen-year-old Asada was hired as a maid of Sun.

1898 Sun Yat-sen 32 years old, knowing the big moon smoked (10-year-old Luo Li)

1900 Sun Yat-sen, 34 years old, on the morning of September 20, at Kato Hotel, Aso-machi, Kobe City, and Sumida Haru (18 years old) lived a sex life.

In 1901, Sun Yat-sen was 35 years old and filed a divorce with Lu Muzhen (34 years old). At that time, it seems that there was no formal divorce. However, the civil law of the Republic of China was promulgated after Sun’s death, so he ignored it.

1902 Sun Yat-sen 36 years old to Da Yue smoked (14 years old) father was denied

1903 Sun Yat-sen 37 years old August engagement with big moon smoked (15 years old)

1904 Sun Yat-sen, 38 years old, officially married with Da Yue smoked (16 years old) on July 19

Da Yue Xun (1888 – 1970), Sun Yat-sen’s Japanese wife. In the autumn of 1898, due to a family fire, the 10-year-old girl, Otsuki Kaoru, and her family lived on the second floor of the Sun Yat-sen, Yokohama, Yamashita-cho apartment. One day, Da Yue Xun accidentally broke the vase in the room, and the water flowed to the room on the first floor of Sun Yat-sen. To this end, Sun Yat-sen entrusted Yokohama Chinese businessmen and translated Wen Bingchen to go upstairs to understand the original committee. Father Da Yue Su Tang apologized for letting Da Yue Xun go downstairs to personally apologize, and thus Da Yue Xun and Sun Yat-sen both for the first time. In 1902, Sun Yat-sen gave his father Da Yue Su Tang through Wen Bingchen. At that time, the man was thirty-seven and the woman was fourteen. Da Yue Su Tang refused with his daughter’s youth, but later agreed. The two married a year later. At that time, Da Yue Xun was a fifteenth year old and was a three-year student of the Yokohama Higher Girls’ School. At the same time, Sun Yat-sen also fell in love with a girl named Asada in Yokohama.

1915 Sun Yat-sen, 49, and Lu Muzhen (48) officially divorced and married Soong Ching Ling (22)

Song Qingling (1893 – 1981) On January 27, 1893, Song Qingling was born into a family of pastors and industrialists in Shanghai. Her father, as a friend and comrade of Sun Yat-sen, was her first enlightenment teacher. In her youth, she was a foreigner and accepted a “European-style education” in the United States, which was baptized by democracy. On October 25, 1915, Song Qingling decided to marry Sun Yat-sen in exile, despite his parents’ opposition. This article comes from: History, original address:

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