How Da Vinci draws this light and shadow is a long-standing mystery. Leonardo da Vinci created the phrase “sfumato”, which is used to describe what it calls “there is no line and border, like smoke.” “sfumato” evolved from Italian “mixed” and “smoke”.

However, despite Leonardo’s incredible annotations in many other works and inventions, he never really explained why he achieved the effect of the “smoothing” effect, which made the Mona Lisa Painting has almost a three-dimensional effect.

Da Vinci Trivia: It took three years to paint the lips of Mona Lisa?
Da Vinci Trivia: It took three years to paint the lips of Mona Lisa?

The basic problem with the halo method is how to connect the shadows and lines together in an imperceptible way. “Mona Lisa” is a paint of Leonardo da Vinci on a piece of Italian poplar bark, dating back to 1503 – 1506 to the time when Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) came to an end.

Some areas of the “Mona Lisa” face may have 30 layers thick on top, although the paint layer is incredibly thin. There is extraordinary consistency in the painting, which shows that Leonardo da Vinci may have completed this legendary masterpiece for many years. The exact length of time has not been conclusive. Even many people think that it took 12 years to paint the lips of Mona Lisa, but it is certain that this painting is actually drawn for a long time, at least for ten years. the above

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