Royal trivia:Where was Elizabeth I crowned?

Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey in London brief introduction Elizabeth I (English: Elizabeth…

Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey in London

brief introduction

Elizabeth I (English: Elizabeth I, September 7, 1533 – March 24, 1603), named Elizabeth Tudor, the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, the Queen of England and Ireland (November 17, 1558) On March 24, 1603, it was also the nominal French queen. She is the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Bolin. In November 1558, Elizabeth’s half-sister Mary I died, and Elizabeth succeeded to the throne. On January 15, 1559, Elizabeth officially crowned the Queen of England.

Royal trivia:Where was Elizabeth I crowned?
Royal trivia:Where was Elizabeth I crowned?

Early experience

Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 in the Palace of Prestige in London. She was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII and his second queen, Anne Bolling. Since her parents were married according to the Protestant rules, the Catholic Church considered her to be an illegitimate daughter. When Elizabeth was born, she was appointed as the heir to the throne, and her half-sister Mary (later Mary I) became her waiter.

On May 19, 1536, when Elizabeth was three years old, her mother, Anne Bolin, was sentenced to treason and executed. Elizabeth was declared an illegitimate daughter, from “Princess Elizabeth” to “Miss Elizabeth Tudor.”

In 1537, Henry VIII and his third queen Jane Seymour gave birth to a boy: Edward (later Edward VI). Both Elizabeth and Mary became Edward’s servants, but sister Mary did not treat Elizabeth at least in her childhood. When Edward was baptized, Elizabeth offered Edward a white wash dress and smeared the holy oil on Edward.

In 1543, Elizabeth’s old father, Henry, finally married Katherine Parr, who served in the court, as his sixth wife. Queen Catherine Parr is very good for both Princess Mary and Elizabeth, and they are well educated, with reliable friends and companions of the same age. Influenced by the Queen, Henry VIII and two daughters Mary and Elizabeth reconciled. Elizabeth’s teachers include Roger Askan, a famous humanist in the British Renaissance. She is educated in classical, history, mathematics, poetry and language. She can speak and write six languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, and Greek.

Elizabeth became a Protestant under the influence of Queen Catherine Parr and other teachers. Under the advice of Queen Catherine Parr, in 1544, Henry re-granted Mary and the throne of Elizabeth to the throne through the third succession bill, behind Prince Edward. But the two are still legal illegitimate women.

In 1547, Henry VIII died and Edward VI succeeded. Because Edward was still young at the time, the regime fell in the Regent Council, which was dominated by Protestants. These Protestants tried to make Protestantism the English state religion, and thus the status of Elizabeth’s heir to the throne was relatively stable. However, in 1553, after learning that his life had reached the end of his life, Edward had drafted an “inheritance case” with the parliament to try to prevent the country from falling into the Catholic forces again. Edward appointed his cousin Jane Gray (Jane Gray) as the heir to the throne, and excluded his half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth.


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