The most ferocious pirate in history, the pirate came to China, still a woman, she has countless fans abroad.

She was originally a Miss girl in the small fishing village of Guangzhou, China. Under the circumstance, she was caught by the pirates as the captain’s wife.

Pirate trivia:What is the most ferocious pirate in history?
Pirate trivia:What is the most ferocious pirate in history?

However, her pirate captain’s husband did not take long to die. She quickly completed her identity conversion. She began to implement a series of policies on the pirate ship, strengthen the discipline of the ship, prohibit the fleet’s big sisters, and even allow men and women on board to be free. Love, but if you mess with men and women, you will be executed.

Soon, her fleet gained a good reputation from the private sector and expanded rapidly, with more than 600 ships of different sizes. The number of pirates has reached 40,000.

There is a British tycoon named Gerlaps who was kidnapped by the female pirate as a hostage for the benefit. After a few months in the fleet, Gerlaps only wrote a memoir when he came home. This memoir is very popular, and the female pirate has gained a lot of fame on the other side of the ocean.

The female pirate is “Zheng Yi Shao”, the Caribbean Pirates 3 Zhongqing.

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