Ekaterina II, formerly known as Sophia Auguste (hereinafter referred to as Sophia for convenience of writing). It is the Empress of the Russian Empire and the only Emperor in Russian history named “Great Emperor”. For Ekaterina II, I believe that many 3trivia.com friends have not heard of it. She also has an “alias” called Catherine II. Do the friends feel a sense of realization? In 1744, Sophia was chosen by Elizabeth as the fiancee of Peter III. However, it is ridiculous that Peter directly told Sophia the truth. In the prince’s heart, the person she really loved was not her, but the maid next to Queen Elizabeth, and marrying her was just trying to fulfill Elizabeth’s will.

Powerful woman trivia:Catherine II of Russia's strongest
Powerful woman trivia:Catherine II of Russia’s strongest

Sofia was surprised when she heard it, and she also found a truth: It is no longer possible to count on Peter to stand here. Only when a true “Russian” person can survive here. So Sophia started to get angry and redouble her efforts to learn Russian and Orthodox etiquette. This was considered to have established a foothold in the new environment. Then, Queen Elizabeth died of illness, Peter inherited the throne, Sophia and his lover Orlov launched a coup, won the throne, and crowned the king. For the Russian Empire at the time, Sophia was lucky to be an emperor, because Sophia adhered to the basic principles of fairness and justice, equality before the law, and governance of the country.

However, Sophia’s most brilliant thing is not the orderly management of Russia, but the Russian foreign war. During Sofia’s rule, the Russian Empire expanded south and west, including large areas of territory including New Russia, Crimea, North Caucasus, Right Bank Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Courland. Participated in the Opuo three times to divide Poland, obtained the Black Sea coastal area against Turkey, and annexed the Crimean Khanate. For a woman, she can push Russia to a glorious moment, afraid that she cannot find a second one. Maybe if Sophia didn’t have a stroke, give her another 200 years, and the whole European territory may belong to Russia.

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