The first, and so far, the only artist to be written in a language textbook.

Chow Yun Fat. Recently, Chow Yun-fat’s name appeared on the screen again. After “Macau”, he also appeared in “Wusou” with Guo Fucheng. The movie was not strong enough at first. I didn’t expect to make a comeback. I won the National Day Champion and pressed ” “Li Cha’s Aunt” and “Shadow”, it seems that many people like him.

Star trivia:The only star written into Chinese textbooks?
Star trivia:The only star written into Chinese textbooks?

In fact, Zhou Runfa’s childhood was very tragic. He was born in the poorest place in Hong Kong, Lamma Island. The family is so poor that they can’t even light the lights. A good bet father. My father was destitute because of all the property in the gambling family. When Zhou Runfa was still in middle school, his father died. The small shoulder bears the burden of the family prematurely.

At that time, Zhou Runfa would go to work every winter and summer vacation in order to subsidize households and pay his own tuition. Worked as a salesman, drove a taxi, worked as a postman, and worked as a hotel concierge … Anyway, he did all the hard work that can be thought of. At that time, in order to earn 200 yuan for tuition, he even got his own vision.

Later, by chance, Zhou Runfa saw TVB recruiting. At that time, the elder brother may not know exactly what TVB is doing. He only knows that he is anxious to work and where he needs to go if there is a shortage of people. He went to the interview with a mentality of trying. Indeed, at that time, the elder brother had nothing to do, so the five or four judges present felt that the child’s mind was problematic, and he had the courage to come to interview TVB. However, one of the judges felt that he was a moldable talent, and this person was Chow Yun Fat’s Bole Zhong Jinhui.

At the beginning of the training, Fa brother was severely scolded for learning to dance and his body was not coordinated. He was scolded because he couldn’t shed tears during the cry scene. However, Fa brother did not give up. After one or two years of devil-style training, Fa Ge finally understood the acting skills. At that time, he was willing to take on all kinds of roles. Whether it was a dead body without a line, or a maid’s family with only a few seconds of footage, Zhou Runfa played it without hesitation.

After running for many years, Zhou Runfa relied on the beach, where Xu Wenqiang turned red, and Xu Runqiang played by Zhou Runfa is an irreplaceable classic in everyone’s heart. Although it was remake many times later, no one can surpass Zhou Yunfa’s charm.

In the ten years from 1985 to 1995, his five works won two Golden Horse Kings and three Golden Kings. Even the three characters he played alone competed for the film emperor, no matter which one won him.

It can be said that Zhou Runfa is a thoughtful and ambitious person. After his success, he did not have a junior and junior like other celebrities. He and Chen Huilian had no children in his life. He had a child at the beginning, but aborted. Since then I haven’t had it again till now. Chow Yun-fat has never blamed Chen Huilian, nor has she derailed other women. Perhaps this is the best love.

Fa Ge usually likes to help others. When a friend needs it, he is absolutely incumbent. Heavenly King Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat are also very irony. It can also be said that Chow Yun Fat is Andy Lau’s benefactor. At that time, Andy Lau was still unknown as a newcomer, and Chow Yun-fat gave Andy Lau a role in “Running to the Sea of ​​Rage” and helped him in many ways. Andy Lau took advantage of this opportunity to start to emerge. So far, Andy Lau is grateful to Chow Yun Fat.

In addition, Liang Jiahui also received the help of Chow Yun Fat. Even the super idol Leslie Cheung called Chow Yun Fat his own idol, and he has expressed his love for Chow Yun Fat on various occasions. At the awards scene, he disregarded everyone’s eyes and saw Zhou Runfa as a bear hug.

Some time ago, online hype Chow Yun Fat had to donate 99% of his assets naked, which is estimated to be 5.6 billion yuan. Many people can’t imagine whether Zhou Runfa’s move is suspected of speculation.

During the interview, someone asked Zhou Runfa, why are you so close to the people? The elder brother said, “Some people have supported me silently for 30 years, and others have supported me for 30 years, even though I have never met, do I not even give it to others for three minutes?”

There is a saying in Hong Kong, if you want to meet a big star, go to the airport. If you want to meet Chow Yun Fat, go to the market.

In 2003, the Hong Kong government awarded him the Silver Bauhinia Medal. Therefore, the Gold Medal is by far the highest honor award to the Hong Kong Government for the performing arts. That year, Zhou Runfa and Sun Yat-Sen Yue Fei and others were included in the Chinese textbook for the first grade of junior high school published by Hong Kong Kai Si Publishing House. It took a total of 12 pages to write about Zhou Runfa, from his childhood to becoming an entertainer to his old age.

This kind of Chow Yun Fat, such an idol is the example that the younger generation of entertainment industry should really follow. It is definitely worthy of being incorporated into Chinese textbooks.

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