The short, baby-faced person gives a cheerful, easy-going feeling and reduces aggression. But there are always exceptions to everything. Baby Face Nelson is a very different kind of contrast.

“Babyface” Nelson was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1908. During his teenage years, it was in the twenties and thirties where the crime was the heaviest in the United States, and various robbers and bank thefts occurred endlessly. Nielsen has been fooling around with a group of hooligans since he was a child. At the age of 7, Nielsen was first arrested for accidentally hitting his companion with a gun. At the age of 13, Nielsen was again jailed for stealing a car. Nielsen’s short life only lived for 26 years Are committing crimes.

Criminal Trivia: The Fugitive Who Killed the Most FBI Agents in History: Short, baby-faced, only 7 years old after first arrest
Criminal Trivia: The Fugitive Who Killed the Most FBI Agents in History: Short, baby-faced, only 7 years old after first arrest

At first, it was just a thief, but later, the courage became bigger and bigger, and he robbed the rich and bank directly. In 1930, Nelson patronized the home of magazine owner Charles Richter and snatched about $ 205,000 of jewelry (about $ 3 million at current prices). Two months later, he and his associates ransacked the mayor’s house in Chicago and snatched $ 50,000 worth of jewelry.

Stealing and robbing the rich is not enough, and soon Nelson turned his attention to the bank. In April 1930, Nielsen robbed the first bank and stole $ 4,000. During the following year, he continued to commit crimes and robbed many banks and mansions. As Nelson’s name became larger, the US police mobilized heavy soldiers to round him up, and finally captured him in the winter of 1931 and detained him in Joliet State Prison.

However, the plot is just the beginning. In 1932, Nelson escaped from the prison transfer. After that, he intensified further, reorganized the team, and ransacked the bank. One of the best known is his cooperation with the “bank thief” John Dillinger. John Dillinger, as we introduced before, is the most notorious bank thief in the United States in the 20th century. After cooperating with Nielsen and Dillinger, not only did he commit many robbery cases, but also began to have more murders.

However, Nielsen was named the “number one public enemy” by the FBI. It is not just his theft and bank robbing. It is as simple as a murder. In American history, he can be counted as a “number one public enemy.” Nielsen is only five feet four inches (about 162 cm) tall, but has maintained a record so far: the fugitives who killed the most FBI agents in history, three FBI agents were killed by baby-faced Nelson.

The first FBI agent to die under “Babyface” Nelson’s gun was W. Carter Baum. On the afternoon of April 20, 1934, Nelson took his wife and gang members on vacation in a small bohemian hut in a remote area of ​​northern Wisconsin. After the FBI learned of the information, it surrounded the small bohemian hut, but due to the barking of the dog, Nelson noticed that something was wrong and slipped away from the back door alertly.

Nelson hijacked two hostages and snatched a car while on the run, and then fought with FBI agents who were in pursuit. I have to say that Nielsen was short and powerful, and his combat effectiveness was explosive. Three police officers and FBI agents were hit. Agent W. Carter Baum was killed on the spot. Nielsen grabbed Agent Baum’s car and escaped.

The second and third FBI agents who died under “Babyface” Nelson guns were Samuel P. Cowley and Herman E. Hollis. On the afternoon of November 27, 1934, Nelson drove the stolen car to Chicago and was intercepted by the FBI on the highway. The two sides started chasing. FBI agents then pushed Nelson to Barrington Town, 60 miles from Chicago. At war.

The firefight lasted only 5 minutes. FBI agent Hollis was killed on the spot. Another agent, Cowley, survived the gunfight but was fatally injured and died in the early morning of November 28. The hands of three FBI agents killed the fugitives. This is no one in the history of FBI chasing after the ancients. Nielsen’s record remains to this day.

However, Nelson was not so lucky this time. After all, he was absolutely inferior. Although he shot and killed two FBI agents, he himself was shot 17 times and was sieved. He was only 26 years old when he died. Throughout the life of “Babyface Nielsen”, he only lived just 26 years old, but he has committed crimes for most of his life. This is extremely rare in the history of crime. He has not only become the pain of the FBI forever, but also the 20th century One of the notorious criminals.

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4 months ago

However, in the exchange of fire on November 27, Nelson was 26 years old even though he killed two agents and was beaten into a sieve.