IQ trivia: Someone with an IQ of 230

Born in Adelaide, Australia, he is a Chinese mathematician and teaches in the department of mathematics, university of…

Born in Adelaide, Australia, he is a Chinese mathematician and teaches in the department of mathematics, university of California, Los Angeles. At the age of two, he learned arithmetic, and at the age of twenty he got his doctor’s degree. Over the years, he has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of mathematics.

Tao zhexuan, born in Adelaide, Australia on July 17, 1975, is a Chinese mathematician, fields medal winner, fellow of the royal society, foreign member of the national academy of sciences, and fellow of the American academy of arts and sciences.

IQ trivia: Someone with an IQ of 230
IQ trivia: Someone with an IQ of 230

At the age of 13, he won the gold medal in the international mathematical olympiad. Bachelor’s degree from flinders university at 16; Master’s degree from flinders university at 17; He got his doctorate from Princeton university at the age of 21.

The main prize
Salem Prize (2000)
Boxie memorial award (2002)
Clay Research Award (2003)
Australian Mathematical Society Medal (2005)
Ostrowski Prize (2005)
SASTRA ramanu gold award (2006)
Levi l.conant Prize (2005)
Fields medal (2006)
MacArthur fellowship (2007)
Fellow of the Royal Society (2007)
Alan t. Waterman Award (2008)
Onsager Medal (2008)
King Faisal International Prize (2010)
Nemmers Prize in Mathematics (2010)
Polya Prize (2010)
Crawford award (2012)
Joseph i. Lieberman Award (2013)
Fields medal
On May 22, 2006, the 25th international congress of mathematicians was held in Madrid, Spain. The opening ceremony of the conference, which is held every four years, is dedicated to outstanding mathematicians under the age of 40. Tao zhexuan won the fields prize for his research achievements in harmonic analysis. King carlos I of Spain presented the fields medal to tao zhexuan. Although he is the youngest winner this time, he has published more than 80 papers. He also became the second Chinese to win the fields medal, following the first Chinese mathematician professor ching-tung yau in 1982. At the age of 31, tao is not only the youngest recipient of the fields medal, but also the first Australian to win it.
He was one of the last people to be named Australia’s man of the year in 2007, after two Australian museums requested permanent displays of his photos.
The Allen waterman award
On April 10, 2008, the national science foundation (NSF) announced on its official website that the 2008 Alan t. Waterman Award was awarded to tao zhexuan, a Chinese mathematician from UCLA. It is worth mentioning that Yang peidong, a Chinese scholar from the university of California, Berkeley, won the prize in 2012. The article points out that tao zhexuan’s outstanding research results have had a great impact on many fields of mathematics. Mr. Tao received the award at a state department dinner on May 6.
Breakthrough in science award
On June 23, 2014, the breakthrough prize foundation announced the winners of the 2014 breakthrough prize in mathematics. Zhexuan tao of the university of California, Los Angeles, was honored for many breakthroughs in harmonic analysis, combinatorial theory, partial differential equations, and analytic number theory. Richard Taylor, of the institute for advanced study, won the prize for many breakthroughs in the theory of defensive forms. I got $3 million big prize.
The breakthrough award is an award jointly sponsored and funded by Google’s Mr. And Mrs. Brin, alibaba’s Mr. And Mrs. Ma, investors Yuri Milner and his wife, and Facebook zuckerberg and his wife. The prize honors scientists who have made science their life’s work and made major breakthroughs. Each winner will receive $3 million.
The award ceremony was held in November 2014. The five will form a selection committee to choose next year’s winner.
On September 17, 2015, he announced that he had proved the existence of the Erd s-pal problem in 1932, a problem that has plagued academia for more than 80 years.


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