JK Rowling, the legendary author of “Harry Potter”, is a celebrity unlike any other. Until the last couple of years, it seemed like she could do no wrong. The love and respect she got from the entire world felt like something special and she was undeniably one of the most beloved pop culture figures out there. But things started to change with Rowling’s increasingly dishonest habit to retcon the story of Harry Potter in order to make it more diverse than it actually was.

Hollywood scandal trivia: JK Rowling: A Broken Legacy
Hollywood scandal trivia: JK Rowling: A Broken Legacy

It started when she announced that the character of Albus Dumbledore was gay at a public event In 2007. While it was met with major acclaim, many questioned why that was never actually made clear in the books. A few years later, when the play “Harry Potter & The Cursed Child” cast a black woman as Hermione Granger, Rowling defended the choice by claiming that she never actually specified in the books that Hermione was white. That claim was a very bold lie that was quickly debunked by fans, but Rowling’s dishonest shenanigans have become way too common over time.

The true scandal, though, came in 2020 when Rowling went on an extensive and highly publicized rant against the Trans community on Twitter which caused an absolute mayhem online and in the media, forcing hundreds of celebrities (including stars of the Harry Potter movies) to publicly come forward to denounce her words. The backlash Rowling faced was astronomical, and she has now become one most of the most disliked personalities in the world.

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