While Ellen Degeneres has spent almost two decades building a flawless brand entirely based around kindness and generosity, rumours of her on-screen personality being completely fake have been floating around for years, now. But even then, no one was truly prepared for the shock that hit the world when Buzzfeed released anonymous testimonies from both current and former employees of Ellen’s famous talk show in 2020, detailing the terrible conditions of their workplace environment. It quickly prompted other employees and celebrities to publicly denounce Ellen’s true self, not only confirming every rumour, but seemingly affirming that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Hollywood scandal trivia: Ellen DeGeneres: A Crack In The Mask
Hollywood scandal trivia: Ellen DeGeneres: A Crack In The Mask

Ellen’s perfect image was shattered as more and more people added to the accusations, and claims of common bullying, racism and sexual harassment at her show led to three executive producers being fired before the start of the new season. Her lack of response was highly criticized, until the season premiere, where she delivered a subpar apology in which she mainly blamed others and didn’t address the majority of accusations against her at all. Her fall was brutal, as it was reported that her show’s ratings are currently down 38% from the previous year, making it the biggest decline of any talk show ever.

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