Imagine a duo so incredibly successful that their very first single broke charting records in eight countries, and was certified 6x platinum in just seven weeks. Such was the case for German duo Milli Vanilli, who became the biggest Pop sensation in the world back in 1989. They became an unstoppable force, dominating the charts with every single one of their singles, and inevitably making their way to a Grammy Award in 1990. And they did all of that without singing a single note.

Hollywood scandal trivia: Milli Vanilli: A Deal With The Devil
Hollywood scandal trivia: Milli Vanilli: A Deal With The Devil

Milli Vanilli is now known for being the largest hoax in music history, entirely orchestrated by genius producer Frank Farian. The members of Milli Vanilli had been lip synching to other vocalists this entire time, and kept a tight cover with the help of their team. But their immense success got to their heads and they started getting sloppy. Drugs, alcohol and partying began to take over their lives, and the sloppier they got, the more people started to have doubts about them. And when Farian tried to calm them down in order to keep their cover intact, they turned against him.

Unfortunately for them, Farian was the pillar that was holding the castle, and when they came at him with a lawyer, he decided he was done with this little experiment, and he organized a press conference where he publicly outed Milli Vanilli as imposters.

What followed was a historic catastrophe that completely shook the music industry as a whole. Lawsuits were flying left and right, and the band had to return their Grammy Award and publicly apologize…it was a mess. In the span of 24 hours, Milli Vanilli went from being kings to being the laughing stock of the world. They lost everything, and the lasting consequences even led to the death of one of the members, Robert Pilatus, who died of an overdose at 33, after 8 long years of struggle from the fallout.

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