From beautiful Scotland comes the tradition of Hogmanay which is also the Scots word for the last day of the year. Throughout the country, people observe New Year’s Eve by visiting the homes of friends and family and exchanging gifts. Special attention is given to the first guest of the New Year, known as the ‘first-foot’, as they are seen to be a bringer of good luck. The first-foot must carry salt, bread, a coin, whiskey, and a lump of coal with them as they enter a home. It is believed that Hogmanay started with the Vikings who celebrated the winter solstice with large parties towards the end of December.

New Year's trivia: Hogmanay, the wonderful New Year customs
New Year’s trivia: Hogmanay, the wonderful New Year customs

Hogmanay is also celebrated in the form of events such as a torchlight procession in Edinburgh, street parties and firework displays. However, in 2020, Hogmanay is being hosted online with virtual events and parties narrated by a host of celebrities.

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