For many in Ireland, having a red-headed woman be the first visitor to their home on the first day of the new year is a sign of bad luck. On the other hand, a dark, handsome stranger, could mean good fortune all year ‘round. If you are in Ireland and don’t want to leave your new year fate up to a random visitor, you could create your own good luck by spring cleaning your home and starting the upcoming year with a clean slate. Furthermore, you could take Christmas bread and bang it on the doors and walls of your home to chase away back luck on New Year’s Eve and invite good spirits and good fortune in.

New Year's trivia: First visitor of wonderful New Year customs
New Year’s trivia: First visitor of wonderful New Year customs

A beautiful Irish New Year’s tradition also sees families set a place at the dinner table for loved ones lost during the past year. They also leave the front door unlocked. This is done in honor and in the memory of deceased friends and family.

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