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The origin of the Chinese word?

The English word for China is China, so what is the origin of the word China? Some people say that China originated from the Europeans who used the "Changnan" that produces porcelain as the name of China, and that China has porcelain together, which is not exactly the case. In fact, there are many different opinions on the origin of the word China. There is no certain conclusion. There are many reasons for the origin of the word "China". The origin of the Chinese word?

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The origin of the Chinese word?

One way of saying this is: China is from the Qin Dynasty transliteration, China is from the pronunciation of "Qin" (chin), which is one of the most popular and advocated in the West, and the a after China is the Portuguese plus Indicates the territory.

The second statement is: "Zina" originated in India. The ancient Indians called China "chini". It is said to be a transliteration from "Qin". After the introduction of the Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures from India, the Chinese translation of the Buddhist scriptures into Chinese is required. Translate chini into "Zina". The ancient Romans of the Indo-European language called China Sinoa, later Chinese in English, and Chine in French, all from this source.

The third way is that the porcelain said: In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the Portuguese sold porcelain to Europe, saying that its trade name was Chinaware, and if the reverse transliteration was "Zinava." Here ware is the transliteration of "Watt". The Zhinawa, China porcelain also. Before China put it in ware, it can be known that China, as a country name, originally had no porcelain. Later, omitting ware, only lowering its prefix, referred to as porcelain for china, and obtaining the meaning of porcelain, it is already a matter of late Qing.

But so far, the etymology of "China" has never been clear evidence, and the origin of the word China is also inferred.


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