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Pole dance may originate from ancient Chinese acrobatics

Pole dance is a new type of dance. With steel pipes as props, it is welcomed by many girls. So where does the pole dance come from? There are many ways to say about the source of pole dancing:

A traditional saying is that the pole dance was born out of the dances of some primitive tribes of the 12th century, with the aim of carrying out reproductive worship.

Pole dance may originate from ancient Chinese acrobatics-3trivia
Pole dance may originate from ancient Chinese acrobatics

A popular saying is that modern pole dancing originated in the construction sites of the United States at the end of the 19th century. Initially, some construction workers sang while dancing with steel pipes, and they were entertained at work, showing the cheerful and optimistic national character of the American nation.

There is also a saying that the pole dance originated in China. After historical research and analysis, the pole dance was inspired by the traditional Chinese acrobatics “crawling”. After the form was refurbished, it formed a dance form with steel pipes as props for climbing, inverted and hanging.

The mural "Mr. Song Guo's Travel Map" in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in the Tang Dynasty is a picture of the predecessor. The characteristics of acrobatics in the Tang Dynasty were comprehensive and integrated. Not only did the Han acrobatics develop unprecedentedly, but ethnic minorities and foreign acrobatics also gained extensive exchanges and development during this period. In short, Chinese acrobatics art has achieved unprecedented development in the Tang Dynasty, and has created a good foundation for the further development of acrobatic art.


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