Marvel captain has had many romances, one of which, her husband is born.

In The Avengers, Marvel captain was inexplicably pregnant. And after three days, a baby boy was born. This baby boy grew up almost instantly as an adult.

Captain Marvel gave birth to her husband
Captain Marvel gave birth to her husband

The boy who grew up quickly was named Marcus, his biological father was the super-reverse conqueror Kang, and his biological mother was an ordinary human woman.

At that time, the conqueror Kang was abducted by Marcus’s mother and gave birth to Marcus in the dimension space. Because he was born in a dimensional space relationship, Marcus could not enter the real world. With the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, Marcus felt lonely in this space.

Marcus, who felt lonely, shed tears and decided to do something.
In order to leave this dimension space, Marcus thought of a way, referred to as – ethical reincarnation.

Captain Marvel gave birth to her husband
Captain Marvel gave birth to her husband

Through his special ability, Marcus abducted the captain of surprise into his dimension space, and then through spiritual control, the Marvel captain mistakenly thought he fell in love with him.

Through the ability to manipulate time, Marcus asked Shakespeare to write poems for them, Beethoven wrote songs for them, and Louis Vie’s wife Antoinette designed clothes for them. The spirit of control still needs such a big expense, Marcus is really true love for the captain.

The captain of Marvel was completely conquered. Marcus even made a wedding and became the husband of the surprise captain.

After learning about the news of Marvel’s captain’s pregnancy, Marcus eliminated some of the memory of the captain of the surprise and sent her back to Earth.

Then there was a scene that happened before. In just three days, Marcus was born by the captain of Marvel.

Marcus erased the memory of the captain of the Marvel and the marriage of the two.

However, the memory of Marvel Captain Amarcus was retained and the two became lovers.

That’s right, this is the captain of Marvel and her children.
Marcus, born through ethical reincarnation, is rapidly aging because it is physiologically unable to adapt to the global environment. He originally prepared a machine to delay his aging, but was inadvertently destroyed by the eagle eye.

After that, Marcus, who has reached adulthood, can no longer use the machine to delay aging, and can only return to the dimensional space, and this is a residual.

His mother, no, his girlfriend, Marvel, captain, because of love, decided to return to the Dimension Space with Marcus. The members of the Avengers have always known that Marcus is the son of Marvel’s captain, but it is not surprising that they are close to them, and no superhero tries to tell the truth of the captain.

When the captain of surprise and Marcus left, everyone also sent a group of farewells.

The superheroes sent a stunned captain and Marcus to leave, very condolences.
However, the aging of Marcus in adulthood is irreversible. Returning to Marcus in the dimensional space, aging is faster, and soon dies, and the captain of surprise is also out of mind control.

The awake captain of Marvel was very desperate about everything that happened and was devastated. The captain of the surprise returned to Earth using the machine left by Marcus and broke with the Avenger Alliance, who knew that she and her son were “unfamiliar” but did not tell her the truth.

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