Christmas, literally, is the “festival of the birth of a saint.” This saint is the central figure in Christianity – Jesus, and his name should have been heard a lot. Christianity believes that he is the savior predicted in the Old Testament, and is a person of the Son in the Trinity. His status is quite high. There is also a story of “small twists and turns” about his birth. People with a protagonist’s aura can’t always be smooth. Legend has it that his mother, Maria, was pregnant because of the Holy Spirit. This way sounds familiar, a bit like what we often call “dreaming.” The Lord, the Lord, is also very intimate. He also sent the messenger Gabriel to the father of Jesus, Joseph, and asked him not to mind that Maria was unmarried, to be with her, and that the child was born to be named. “Jesus” means that he wants to save the people from their sins. Just as Maria was about to come, the couple arrived in Bethlehem because the government was conducting a census. But very helpless, the two people could not find a place to settle, so they had to choose the horse shed as a temporary stop. Just this night, the savior Jesus, whom we know, was born on the manger.

Christmas Trivia:The origin of Christmas?
Christmas Trivia:The origin of Christmas?

In the first three hundred years of AD, everyone celebrated Jesus’ birthday on different days. But at the beginning of the 4th century, the Roman Christians at that time had the ambition to become a new state religion, and wanted to carry forward themselves and gain more believers. The anniversary of the birth of Jesus was combined with the birth of the pagan sun god Mithra. Mithra’s birthday is on December 25th, the day of the winter solstice in the Roman almanac. The pagan worship of the sun god will take this day as the beginning of the recovery of all things, and will celebrate on this day. The Christian Church in Rome borrowed a Dongfeng. In order to Christianize the customs of paganism, it was December 25th for Christmas. The specific year in which Christmas was determined was the year 336 AD mentioned.

So on the blackboard, December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus, but the anniversary of the birth of Jesus.

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