Few people know that in many countries in the West, there is a tradition of raising a cat on a warship, so why would they raise a cat on a warship or aircraft carrier?

Cat Trivia:Why do you have a cat on the warship?
Cat Trivia:Why do you have a cat on the warship?

There are three reasons for this:

  1. In the past, when the warships were still made of wood, in order to prevent the rats from eating wood and causing the warships to leak water, and the rats may spread diseases, most of them raised a cat on the warships;
  2. The significance of raising cats and rodents on the current warships is not great, but raising a pet on a warship can make the soldiers relieve the depression in the ocean during the oceanic process and maintain a good psychological state;
  3. Western traditions believe that cats have nine lives, so the ship cat is also a mascot.

In Chinese history, the Navy did not have a cat-raising tradition, but the navy general Deng Shichang once raised a dog on a warship, and finally married the dog in the Sino-Japanese War between the Sino-Japanese War.

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