Children’s day Trivia:Most children’s day country

The Children’s Day in Japan, called “Children’s Day” (Japanese: こどもの日), is a traditional festival. On May 5th of…

The Children’s Day in Japan, called “Children’s Day” (Japanese: こどもの日), is a traditional festival. On May 5th of each year, Japanese families celebrate their children’s growth. Before the Second World War, this festival was called the “Dragon Boat Festival” (Japanese: Dragon Boat Festival) and it was just a boy’s holiday. In 1948, when the festival became a public holiday, it became a festival to celebrate the happiness and well-being of all children. On the day of the festival, Japanese families will hang a fish-like sign on the roof to symbolize children’s elimination of bad luck, overcome difficulties and grow smoothly.

However, Japan also had a separate Girls’ Day on March 3, which was developed from the Shangyu Festival. The Girls’ Day was celebrated by placing various dolls. The men’s day hanging carp banner is a legend from China’s “Wang Zi Cheng Long” and “Squid Jumping Dragon Gate”.

Children's day Trivia:Most children's day country
Children’s day Trivia:Most children’s day country

Extended information:
The Japanese Boys’ Day was officially designated as a national legal festival in Japan in 1948, including the emphasis on the development of children, praying for children to get ahead, and the happiness of life, as well as the meaning of thanking mothers. On this day, a family with a boy will hang the carp banner in the courtyard. Every household is indoors with a doll that shows the heroic spirit. At the same time, the black carp and the red mullet, which are hanged on the outdoor carp banner and the seven-color flag paper, swing in the sky, as if they are swimming in the sea.

In addition, on the door is also placed on the leaves of the pupa, the inside of the house hangs the clock to drive the ghost map, eat the evil cake group (called “Bai cake”) or scorpion. The Japanese believe that squid is a symbol of strength and courage. According to the principle of “respecting the personality of children, seeking the happiness of children, and thanking the mother”, this day is the national public holiday.

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