I want to know why men prefer blondes… Is it because “Playboy” uses too many blondes as models?

To show that I was not looking for an excuse, I decided to let the data I found: from the 1950s to the 1980s, the models used in three important American magazines (Ladies’ Home Journal, Vogue, Playboy) What is the percentage of blonde, brown and red hair models?

Blond trivia:Why watch "Playboy" magazine?
Blond trivia:Why watch “Playboy” magazine?

These data show that Playboy does use more blonde models than the other two women’s magazines. The use of blonde models in the 1960s has declined, probably because it was the post-Monroe era, and the brown-haired Mrs. Kennedy was leading fashion. In any case, the proportion of all magazines using blonde models is generally higher than the proportion of blond women in American white women (26.8%).

In trying to answer the question of why men prefer blondes, we must consider the background of media preferences using blonde models. A man was bombarded by such popular information before he grew up. So, does he prefer blondes instinctively in the future, or is it only influenced by the media? What if Monroe is born with brown hair? What if Barbie doesn’t produce blonde dolls?

Scientists have thought of these problems. Their research shows that even without the influence of the day after tomorrow, we still prefer blondes. The reason is that the blonde looks young. Many Caucasians are blond at an early age. As the age grows, the hair becomes darker and darker, so people think that the blonde is a little childish.

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