Collecting dew is one way to get a drink. What you need to do is prepare a piece of fabric similar to a T-shirt and clean. In the morning, you can use the cloth to get dew from the plants, and then wring the liquid from the cloth into the container you prepared.

image 23 3trivia
Common sense trivia:The easiest way to collect dew

If you are in an environment where there is no other source of water, this is a good choice. Moreover, it has to be in the real wild, surrounded by no industrial pollution, to be worth it. Otherwise, you should try to filter the water. Besides, you’d better boil the water and drink it later.

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1 year ago

This has helped me a lot to survive in the wild, great!

1 year ago

This knowledge about my collection of dew is very helpful for me to survive in the wild, thank you!