The doctoral degree is related to education, the builder of the country’s future, and sometimes even diplomacy. In the early days of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia, the other party asked, “Is the diplomat you sent a general or a doctor?”.

It is not easy to establish a modern degree system. After the resumption of the college entrance examination, Comrade Deng Xiaoping instructed “to establish a degree system as well as academic and technical titles.” Subsequently, the Ministry of Education and the Department of State Council Cadre Bureau jointly formed a degree team. Based on discussions with various departments, universities, and scientific research units, the “People’s Republic of China Degree Regulations (Draft)” was drafted. At this point, China really has a scientific and feasible degree management method, establishing a three-level degree system for bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees.

How were the first batch of PhDs in China born?

The specifications of the first batch of doctors are unimaginable today. Take Ma Zhongqi as an example. His doctorate certificate number is 10001, and he is the first doctorate trained in China. The tutor Hu Ning is a professor in the Department of Physics of Peking University and a former member of the Faculty. He has been famous for a long time. In his defense, Peng Huanwu, the two bombs and one star, and Gu Chaohao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, participated.

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