On June 16, 1982, China held its first doctoral dissertation defense; in 1983, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government held the first doctoral degree awarding conference in the Great Hall of the People.

There are 18 doctors in the first batch, mostly in science and engineering. Hu Xiaotang, China’s first PhD in test measurement and instrumentation, chooses high-precision measurement as his research direction. People often say “high precision”, but often overlook the importance of accuracy. Building rockets, building spacecraft, and developing computer chips is often a thousand miles away. Hu Xiaotang plans to catch up with the achievements of the West in three years.

What did the first batch of PhDs in China do?
What did the first batch of PhDs in China do?

The contributions of these PhDs are also great. Su Chun, the first batch of Ph.D. degree holders in China, engaged in research and education after graduation. He served as the team leader and head coach of the 33rd Chinese Mathematical Olympiad. That year, the Chinese team not only ranked first in total points, but all six players won gold medals.

Nowadays, doctors are nothing new. As of 2010, China has more than 300 doctoral-granting units for short, and has trained more than 300,000 doctoral students. These people are active in various fields and have made great contributions to the rise of the motherland.

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