If you consider yourself well-traveled, or you would like others to think believe that you are, you could try looking at Geoguesser.

You can play for free once a day, when you will be transported to somewhere in the world, via google maps street view. The question is, though, where?

Bust Boredom Websites: Where in the world am I?
Bust Boredom Websites: Where in the world am I?

There are clues in the pictures, but beware they are often small. Sometimes very small.

However, while you may think, at first glance that one dusty road in the middle of nowhere could be anywhere, it is always, in fact, somewhere. Look for street signs, landmarks, even car registration plates to give you a clue.

If this website is your thing, you can, of course, subscribe to get more locations.

Visit Geoguesser →

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