If you want to know about the state of emu farming today and want to speculate as to the future of farming emus, this is the magazine for you! There is a very dedicated, very passionate community of ‘dromaius fanciers’ out there and, armed with the most recent issue of this industry publication, you could join their number, harvest some bright blue eggs and enjoy some surprisingly delicious meat.

Magazine Trivia: Emu Today & Tomorrow of Weird Magazine
Magazine Trivia: Emu Today & Tomorrow of Weird Magazine

But what type of meat is it? Technically, emu meat should be regarded as poultry but the good ole’ USFDA have designated emu meat as red meat due to its colour and similar PH value to beef.

Emus are lean mean fighting machines and, much like their big cousins the ostriches, they can cut your belly open with a flick of their razor-sharp claws. Thank goodness then that the most recent issue of Emu Today & Tomorrow provides the reader with a comprehensive guide on raising these animals safely. Disappointingly, no centrefold birds…

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