A whole world of elevators? One would be forgiven for imagining an MC Escher-like planet of perpetual, crossing movement machines but, as you may have guessed, nothing in this magazine tends to be that mind-bending. Their website is a good deal slicker than many entries on this list, showing us that this industry must be on the cutting edge of civilisation, like new tech, AI and Elon Musk.

Magazine Trivia: Elevator World of Weird Magazine
Magazine Trivia: Elevator World of Weird Magazine

Ok, maybe that’s a tad hyperbolic, but any media company with a dedicated bookstore section on their site are doing pretty well by my estimation. And what books are on sale here? Well, for the low low price of $83.50 you can be the proud owner of the ‘Elevator Maintainance Handbook and Manual’ or, for a bargain $179.99, you can show off to your friends by reading aloud from ‘The Vertical Transportation Handbook—Fourth Edition’.

Get your subscription for this mag and after a few months immersion, you’ll be buying your ticket for ‘Lift Expo Italia 2021’, hosted in the historic city of Milan. I for one will not be attending due to the hosts blunder of arranging for the expo to be held on the ground floor of the MiCo convention centre. Fools.

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