No, this is not another magazine dedicated to portable toilets as the title suggests, rather it is a magazine for very specific fishermen.

The crappie is a North American genus of freshwater sunfish and they look utterly delicious.

Magazine Trivia: Crappie Now!
Magazine Trivia: Crappie Now!

One popular method for catching these delectable little beasties is called ‘spider rigging’—this fishing method employs multiple rods arcing over the water (if you imagine looking down at the multiple rods with the boat at their centre, it’d look like a spider, see?) How do I know this? Thanks, Crappie Now!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for a subculture. The internal jargon, the sense of community, the meaning drawn from whatever the hell it is they’re doing, it’s great to watch people who truly love doing whatever their passion is. If you fancy a deep dive into the world of crappie fishing, give this magazine a try. If you want fishing to be less crappy, get an issue of Crappie Now! Now!

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