Inspired by the famous Reddit creepy pasta, “Penpal” is a quite complicated novel to describe. In essence, it is the story of an unnamed narrator who is trying to piece together a series of strange and terrifying events from his childhood that never made sense to him. The more he dives into it, the more he realizes that all of these experiences are connected by something. Something that may have been following him since he was born. Something that may have shaped every single aspect of life has he knows it.

Novel trivia: popular horror novel "Penpal (2012)"
Novel trivia: popular horror novel “Penpal (2012)”

The least we can say about “Penpal” is that it is incredibly unique. Author Dathan Auerbach doesn’t pull any punches with this novel, and he takes the broad idea of a mystery in such a dark and disturbing direction that it will often make you question the very nature of the story. The book is short, but entirely worth it, and it will stay with you long after you read it.

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