After the passing of her grandmother, Mouse is asked by her father to clear out her isolated home and take care of her dog for the time being. Always willing to help, Mouse accepts. While the task reveals itself to be challenging at first (it turns out her grandma was a hoarder), things truly take a dark turn when she finds her step-grandfather’s secret journal, which seems to detail the antics and whereabouts of a mysterious colony of terrifying beings located in the woods around the house. As she investigates to figure out what exactly the journal is about, Mouse begins to uncover the petrifying secrets of her grandmother’s house.

Novel trivia: The popular horror novel "The Twisted Ones (2019)"

Written by T. Kingfisher (also known as Ursula Vernon), “The Twisted Ones” is a creepy and anxiety-inducing book with an amazing protagonist and narrator at the center. Despite the horrifying events taking place throughout the story, the book is also full of Vernon’s signature sense of humor, which offers a great sense of balance that is necessary for the realism of the narrative. “The Twisted Ones” is a must-read. Don’t miss it!

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