Cora, a talented no nonsense reporter with a sensitive past, is sent to rural Georgia to cover a disturbing story about an Appalachian cult of snake handlers. There, she meets Father Michael, the charismatic priest at the head of the town’s church, who seems to be hiding something behind his likeable smile. Realizing that something is seriously wrong with this town, Cora decides to set aside her past trauma, determined to uncover the church’s secrets and take down the cult at all costs.

Novel trivia: popular horror novel "Beneath (2017)"
Novel trivia: popular horror novel “Beneath (2017)”

“Beneath” is definitely one of those books that isn’t what it seems at first glance. The unpredictable nature of the story is definitely a signature of its author, Kristi DeMeester, who is originally known for her incredible short horror stories that flip themselves upside down with mind-bending twists. This debut novel is as dark and distressing as one could expect (if not more) and the brutal shift in the story will make you unable to put it down.

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