“Summer, Fire Works & My Corpse”, released in September 2010, is a compilation of three separate horror stories (including a 200-page short novel) written by legendary Japanese author Otsuichi.

The first story (after which the book is titled) is about the murder of a nine-year old girl named Satsuki, and the subsequent cover up of her murder by the boy and the girl she trusted and believed to be her friends. In Otsuichi’s signature creepiness, the story is narrated by the deceased Satsuki…after her death.

Novel trivia: popular horror novel "Summer, Fireworks & My Corpse (2010)"
Novel trivia: popular horror novel “Summer, Fireworks & My Corpse (2010)”

The second story, titled “Yuko”, is a masterpiece of unpredictable storytelling about a housekeeper who grows suspicious of her new employer, a kind but strange old man who forbids her from going in a specific room of the house, claiming that his sick wife is resting in it. The more time passes, the more she begins to question if this “wife” actually exists.

The third (and longest) story, titled “Black Fairy Tale”, is a particularly somber and unsettling mystery about a teenage girl who loses an eye in an accident and receives a transplant to have it replaced. Immediately after, she starts to see strange things that obviously aren’t really there, and she realizes that she can somehow experience the memories of her new eye’s original (and very dead) owner. Her terrifying visions quickly begin to consume her life, especially when they put her on the trail of a missing young girl.

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