In under two minutes, Luke Ellis’ life is completely transformed. His parents are silently murdered by mysterious intruders, he is kidnapped, thrown in an SUV and driven away from his home in Minneapolis. Just like that. When he wakes up, he is trapped in a room that looks just like his, but without windows. He quickly finds out that he’s not alone in this place. There are other kids, who are just like him — special.

Now held captive in the titular institute, Luke and the others try to navigate their new environment as they are taken by the abusive staff to undergo strange and terrifying experiments against their will. Together, they begin to craft a plan to escape this place, under the nose of Mrs. Sigsby, the powerful and terrifying director of the institute.

Novel trivia: popular horror novel "The Institute (2019)"
Novel trivia: popular horror novel “The Institute (2019)”

Most people view Stephen King as a classic horror writer (which he is) and, as a result of that status of legend, most people don’t seem to be aware that he is still releasing books to this day. And they are just as good as his classics. Case and point: “The Institute”. This incredible book has been nicknamed by many “the hardcore Stranger Things” and, given how Stephen King properties have been received by the entire world since the 80’s, and given how his work actually inspired Stranger Things, it is no surprise that Hollywood has already swooped in to adapt it into a limited TV series.

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