Men like to raise fish are looking for a sense of security

Many people like to keep pets. For raising cats and dogs, it is difficult to tell whether men prefer or women prefer. Only among fish farmers, as long as you search in your memory, you will find that they are found in ornamental fish. Most of the people in the market are men, and most women are accompanying. Even if there are women who buy fish, they usually buy a few to play with, just to decorate the indoor environment. It is seldom to watch carefully. It is even more troublesome to change the water and clean the fish tank; while male fish farming usually requires a male and female match, and like to use it. Large fish tanks are raised, and the fish are changed water, cleaned up tanks, and equipped with various fish farming equipment. You are not afraid of hardship or tired. Whenever you have time, you will watch your own fish and immerse yourself in it. Why do men prefer to keep fish?

Fish farming trivia: Why do more men than women like to farm fish?
Fish farming trivia: Why do more men than women like to farm fish?

The first reason is that raising fish will make men feel safe. Psychoanalysis school believes that water subconsciously symbolizes the mother’s womb and hometown. Men are more obedient than women in the collective subconscious. Men love to raise fish and watch fish swim in the water. There is a sense of security and return in the subconscious.

Second, experts believe that fish farming will satisfy men’s needs for a sense of control and accomplishment. Men are inherently stronger in controlling desires than women, and in fish farming, people can control it completely. When feeding fish and seeing a group of fish gather, men will feel a kind of charity and dominion, and there is also a kind of being needed. sense. This is especially important for men who have troubles in their careers, unsatisfactory lives, weak in marriage but nowhere to tell. Fish farming allows them to find that sense of control; and watching the fish grow day by day, their own There will be a sense of accomplishment after giving results, which is a kind of “psychological compensation” for the lack of sense of accomplishment and control in real life.

Third, fish farming makes men decompress and relax. Fish will not attack people like other pets, such as dogs and cats. People are more relaxed and fearless in front of fish. For men who have to face competition and pressure on weekdays, the hard work in the process of raising fish is Exercising physical but not laboring will give them a temporary spiritual relaxation and temporarily forget about pressure.

Fourth, fish is a symbol of women in sex culture. The suppleness and colorfulness of fish make men see a kind of softness, which complements the psychological characteristics of men themselves. Generally, men prefer softness and women prefer fortitude. .

Fifth, men raise fish and like to see fish multiply, this is because men have a mental tendency to multiply more subconsciously. Reproduction allows men to see the continuation of hope, thereby reducing anxiety and reaching maturity. We often see this phenomenon in our lives. Some men act like big boys all day before they have children, and become more calm when they become fathers.

Finally, in Chinese culture, fish is a symbol of making money and prospering wealth. Traditional Chinese thinking believes that men should be the backbone of a family’s economy. Women may not have to make money, but men who cannot support their families will be ridiculed. Under the influence of this kind of thinking, Chinese men value more than women and are more eager to make money. For most men, the economic situation is not only the basis for the quality of life, but also affects men’s self-esteem and social status. The meaning of fish, men naturally love more than women, and they are more carefully raised.

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