Cherry blossoms are not Japanese national flowers, Japanese no national flowers

Japan is known as the “Sakura Country”. The beautiful cherry blossoms attract many domestic and foreign tourists. Many people think that Japan’s national flower is a cherry blossom. In fact, Japan’s national flower is not a cherry blossom. So what is the national flower of Japan?

Japan actually has no national flower. If it is true, Japan’s national flower should be chrysanthemum, because chrysanthemum is dedicated to the Japanese royal family, and in the folk, it is rare to see the Japanese wearing it, only in the event of a major incident. Can be worn, such as weddings and other occasions.

The cherry tree is called the flower of the samurai in Japan, or the flower of death, which means that even if it is dead, it will not hesitate. In addition to the polar figures or the samurai family, the Japanese do not plant cherry blossoms at home, saying that it is unlucky because of this. But the chrysanthemum will be planted because it represents a symbol of wealth. However, Sakura is also a representative of the national spirit advocated by Japan. It is said that it is a national flower that is often misunderstood by outsiders for the sake of instant splendor.

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